Paint It Black

My brain,
It just cant stop
I feel deranged,
Like i'm loosing my mind
I stop - To drop
This line - This time
As the verse for PAINT IT BLACK
Is on constant rewind
And stuck in my mind
The Stones are stuck in my head today..
Im feeling blurred
Like I need a new muse
Is just what I am today
To create this day
Is all I desire to do
My studio is gone
My eyes are red
My soul is dead..
Feel like switching back
To those little ones
From help me helm me little ones
Help me to that light
Iridescent of a whit bright,
By leaps and bounds so fast
Lead me through this path
Help me to another creation
beautius and lacking segregation,
from my lethargic self away
lead me toward the unknown today
Help me Help me little Ones
And lead me toward heaven today.

No the revolution is NOT OVER
its NOT dead,
its all just stuck in my head