Buck toe befor i go, what a travesty indeed. I as supposed to be packing for Madrid, but instead im blogging about the fact that i broke my toe this morning. I leave in exactly 5 hours and 45 minutes and I am no where ready and these beautiful boots below me are what were supposed to be on my feet.. BUT, look below!

Yup, that's my hideous toe, broken on the upper part and THROBBING, the pain of such a little thing is excruciating, u cant even imagine... But it always seems like it's those little things that get ya. How the hell is my fat ugly swolen foot going to fit into my beautiful petite boots???

So tell me, am i to wear slippers, open toed shoes, at the hustle and bustle of the airports, risking some idiot to step on my poor toe and only make matters worse.... Oh why am I blogging, I should be packing.. Viva Madrid...

This is the last photo for you all to see of my mangled feet.... MUST PACK, and almost out of coffee, i stay awake as a creature of the night because i have a 12 hr flight - Ahhhhhhh
Love you all and goodnight.

What a travesty