YUP - it's broken!!!

More on my TOE SAGA!!!

ok kids, it's official, my toe IS BROKEN, DAMN!!
In all of a near 29 years I have never ever broken anything... But you guys know me, A to the G is a trooper, out strutting my stuff in heels, what's a broken toe right.. LOL - I even tried posing like a lil ballerina on my broken toe, haha. I was a bit off balance but regardless, there is it!

By the looks of this toe the next morning, maybe posing like a ballerina wasn't such a smart thing after all - YIKES - HOW UGLY... And it huuuuuurts :-(
I know I'm such a big baby, but wait, it's off I go again, treadding around on my toe all day today, but at least I was smart enough to wear flats....

Nothing can stop me, it's off I go and now time to soak myself and my lil broken toe in a nice lovely bubble bath and apply a bit more Voltaren Emulgel (pain meds) and I'll be good to go again.... Muahhh. Loves Ya. And you know I will be updating you on my toe saga.... Love to you all...