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American Elections & the celetrity World

celebrities and the American Election...
I was flipping through the television last night - from the E! Network to MTV and I noticed that both programs were talking about the elections. The E! network had on a show called Chelsea Handler which features a woman named Chelsea Handler, notorious for bashing other celebrities, in the episode, she was wearing an OBAMA 08 T Shirt, clearly promoting Obama. And on MTV, during an episode of Making the Band 4, Puff Daddy started bashing McCain and started on the promo for Obama as well. As i sat there flipping back btw channels I started to wonder why celebrities are so involved in the hype of elections. I wondered, do they get paid for the promotion, just the way they get paid to promote a product?? It seems that mainstream entertainment television has turned into a big political hoopla... I watch entertainment TV to get away from the mundane and hectic reality that is life, if I wanted to get into politics, i would watch cnn or fox.

YOU have betrayed ME!


How shocked am I to have gotten a text this morning at 7am, telling me that one of my employees had been stabbed SIX times and was in emergency surgery, I was downright dumbfounded! What most of my readers do not know is that aside from being an author/artist, i run a full service restaurant and bar, called The Smoky Mermaid in Belize. My position is Executive Director so I deal with a lot at work, and especially staffing, I have about 24 to 36 employees at a time, depending on the season, slow verses high.

This morning i was told that one of my female employees, a hostess, was on her way home and was bombarded by another woman who stabber her SIX times. I can not imagine how or why someone would jeopardize their future this way. Especially since this was no random stabbing, it was over a man, A MAN, get real ladies, because NO MAN is worth your sitting in jail for an attempted murder charge.

Thank God the young lady, thus far, has survived, but it is very clear that it was an attempt to murder her. The gist of it is that the young lady was sleeping with the other woman's boyfriend. both these women have small children and both these women work at reputable establishments, so why the hell risk EVERYTHING over a man????

Can someone please tell me??? because I sure is hell don't get it. You can not just go around stabbing people... Why?? the rage, the fury, the fire, and WHY target the other woman, is this not the man's fault as well??? What the hell is the world coming to???