The time just seems to be passing us by so fast - Every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year just seems to be going so fast!!! I can not believe that we are already nearing September, the Belize September Celebrations are literally right around the corner, and after that it will be October/November (which will fly right by) and then December, how is is possible that this whole entire year has just gone by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday we were in January - Damn, I'm bugging!!!!!


As an artist, I find it necessary to be inventive, self expressive, searching, daring, and even disturbing; and in doing so, I am hoping to enlighten others and open ways for a better understanding of my art.

I am fascinated by the variety, complexity, beauty, and seduction of abstract art and have always been intrigued by surrealism.

My work is based on abstract (not to be mistaken for non-objective art) and is a translation of a real life experience, a thought and/or a dream,
and is a complete exaggeration of my perception of reality. It can create a new feeling, vision, or experience that exists outside of the rules of realism.


Have you ever had writers block, painters block, any kind of block. Often time we artists go through that, a state of mind that is just a blur, blank, empty. And it almost always seems that Writers Block 'strikes' when we need our creativity the most. I feel as if I am about to explode with writers block. In four months my Art exhibit, IMPULSE, and the launching of my second book, ARTIST CONFESSIONS, is taking place and I feel as if I may not be ready for the event. It has been months since I've painted and there is no way I am going to launch a book less a show. I have been trying to get my Artist Mojo back but nothing seems to be working. At least i have the tube, at least there I can still use my creativity! The video that I have posted on Writers Block is supposed to show my present state of mind, I hope you all enjoy. Bless.. Proshka


The first Installment of The Penis Chronicles
Written By Proshka

The second Installment of The Penis Chronicles
A Rebuttal by Proshka

The Third Installment of The Penis Chronicles...
written by Proshka And performed in collaboration
with M.E. (Maria & Erika)


Men think with their Dicks!!!
Okie dokie kids, this was the Poem that started it all... This is where THE PENIS CHRONICLES BEGIN... A while back i posted a video of my Spoken Word Poetry, just as I always do, on the tube... But this one seemed to have got a few, shall I call them, LOSERS, quite riled up!! They took the embedding link and posted my video on an anti-feminism website, and on top of that they started this thread bashing my Poem and calling me a feminist, which i must say was quite a shocker! Anyway, what's a girl to do, but to rebuttal and start a trendy lil play list, right (wink wink, nod nod). Blessings to you all, and enjoy the poem below... Proshka