YUP - it's broken!!!

More on my TOE SAGA!!!

ok kids, it's official, my toe IS BROKEN, DAMN!!
In all of a near 29 years I have never ever broken anything... But you guys know me, A to the G is a trooper, out strutting my stuff in heels, what's a broken toe right.. LOL - I even tried posing like a lil ballerina on my broken toe, haha. I was a bit off balance but regardless, there is it!

By the looks of this toe the next morning, maybe posing like a ballerina wasn't such a smart thing after all - YIKES - HOW UGLY... And it huuuuuurts :-(
I know I'm such a big baby, but wait, it's off I go again, treadding around on my toe all day today, but at least I was smart enough to wear flats....

Nothing can stop me, it's off I go and now time to soak myself and my lil broken toe in a nice lovely bubble bath and apply a bit more Voltaren Emulgel (pain meds) and I'll be good to go again.... Muahhh. Loves Ya. And you know I will be updating you on my toe saga.... Love to you all...


Buck toe befor i go, what a travesty indeed. I as supposed to be packing for Madrid, but instead im blogging about the fact that i broke my toe this morning. I leave in exactly 5 hours and 45 minutes and I am no where ready and these beautiful boots below me are what were supposed to be on my feet.. BUT, look below!

Yup, that's my hideous toe, broken on the upper part and THROBBING, the pain of such a little thing is excruciating, u cant even imagine... But it always seems like it's those little things that get ya. How the hell is my fat ugly swolen foot going to fit into my beautiful petite boots???

So tell me, am i to wear slippers, open toed shoes, at the hustle and bustle of the airports, risking some idiot to step on my poor toe and only make matters worse.... Oh why am I blogging, I should be packing.. Viva Madrid...

This is the last photo for you all to see of my mangled feet.... MUST PACK, and almost out of coffee, i stay awake as a creature of the night because i have a 12 hr flight - Ahhhhhhh
Love you all and goodnight.

What a travesty

Belize's New Game Show "Tek It or Leave It' and clips from "Duets"

Ok guys as some of you may already know, I signed on with Channel 5 as the new host of Belize's first game show called "Tek It or Leave It".

If you were at Duets this past Tuesday at the Bliss you would have seen me doing the promo for the new show amongst the audience. As Duets is coming to an end a new season of television begins.....

"Think that your Tuesday nights will be dull and boring now that your favorite TV show, Duets, is over?!? Well think again because boy do we have a brand new TV Show for you! "Tek It or Leave It", Every Tuesday night ONLY on Channel 5..

"Tek It or Leave It" is based on a show called "Deal or No Deal" which airs on NBC... I will be hosting the show, we will have a banker (who you will actually hear speaking to me, unlike the actual Deal or No Deal) and we will be having only one model on stage. Also, anyone that attends the show which will be held at the Bliss Every tuesday Night will have a chance of being a contestant. We are calling ticket numbers from the audience, which will be great for everyone attending... Because anyone in the audience can be called on stage!

The promos for the show will start running through the finale of Duets airing on Channel 5 this coming Tuesday, Oct 14th, 2008...


Also when the show is airing, if you do not live in Belize and do have the internet, you will be able to watch it streaming live from the Channel 5 Website, so i'll have to update this blog when the time comes...

***When I was filming the promo with Channel 5, I stayed to watch the Duets and took a few clips with my personal camera.... and I posted my favorite performance which was done by Joseph & Delanni, Joseph iuncluded dancers from The New Generation Dance Group, which he actually founded...
if you ask me, they killed it - here is a peep from my youtube video showcasing the new show and the clip from the Joseph, Delanni & the New Generation Dancers this past Tuesday!!
Check it out ~ Loves Ya ~ Proshka ~ Angela Gegg

Paint It Black

My brain,
It just cant stop
I feel deranged,
Like i'm loosing my mind
I stop - To drop
This line - This time
As the verse for PAINT IT BLACK
Is on constant rewind
And stuck in my mind
The Stones are stuck in my head today..
Im feeling blurred
Like I need a new muse
Is just what I am today
To create this day
Is all I desire to do
My studio is gone
My eyes are red
My soul is dead..
Feel like switching back
To those little ones
From help me helm me little ones
Help me to that light
Iridescent of a whit bright,
By leaps and bounds so fast
Lead me through this path
Help me to another creation
beautius and lacking segregation,
from my lethargic self away
lead me toward the unknown today
Help me Help me little Ones
And lead me toward heaven today.

No the revolution is NOT OVER
its NOT dead,
its all just stuck in my head

Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite

Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite

A new remote sensing technology has peeled away layers of mud and rock near Peru's Cahuachi desert to reveal an ancient adobe pyramid, Italian researchers announced on Friday at a satellite imagery conference in Rome.

Nicola Masini and Rosa Lasaponara of Italy's National Research Council (CNR) discovered the pyramid by analyzing images from the satellite Quickbird, which they used to penetrate the Peruvian soil.

The researchers investigated a test area along the river Nazca. Covered by plants and grass, it was about a mile away from Cahuachi's archaeological site, which contains the remains of what is believed to be the world's biggest mud city.

Via Quickbird, Masini and colleagues collected hi-resolution infrared and multispectral images. After the researchers optimized the images with special algorithms, the result was a detailed visualization of a pyramid extending over a 9,000-square-mile area.