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One of my New Fave Shows to Watch!!! The Annoying Orange, I absolutely love him!! Cruel as a Cucumber - check it out!!

Greece, Spain, Italy.... The Winter's, the Sight's, & the FOOD!!!

Touching the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
The Food in Greece, not my cup of tea!! I was most definitely not fond of the food in Greece and found it rather hard to eat, not my type of food at all.
Carnival, in Rome Italy
The Delicious pizza in Italy, I could eat for DAYS!!!  Italy has the most amazing food, no matter where I went, it was always delicious!

Getting ready to go to the Gothic Center in BCN
       Without fail the food in Barcelona is AMAZING. Barcelona is my utmost favorite place in Europe, and home of one of the Picasso Museums, the food is great and the city is even better                   
Oh how I love Europe, I especially love the winter. Most people tend to travel during the HOT, SUMMER months, but for me who lives in hot-ass Central America, why would I ever want to travel during Summer. I choose to travel during the Winter Months so that I can experience my Europe when its nice and cold.

Facebook Limit = Facebook Drama

In May of 2008, there were reports that Facebook would be raising the friend limit from 5000 friends because there is less than 1000 users who have maxed out and reached the limit: Read Full Story Here: Facebook to up 5000 Limit 
The last paragraph of the above article however reads : But for many people, being a friend is much different than being a fan, and the level of interaction allowed is also significantly different. And the new FRIENDS LIST feature, which allows users to classify and group friends, makes organization easier anyway. 

Which I am in TOTAL agreement with. I always said I much rather have a friend page than a fan page bc I feel it is much more personal. Given the fact that the limit has since not been raised, I finally opened a page, not by my real name of Angela Gegg, but my Art name, PROSHKA, a page that has been much needed and something I should have done ages ago:

Sadly I reached my 5000 friend limit well over a year ago!! And since then have had the 1000 (pending) friend request limit, the problem is though, is that most facebook users aren’t aware of the fact that A. There is a Limit and B. that there is a pending limit; so the problem arises where people think I am snubbing them or just avoiding their requests.  It got to the point where I was receiving so many messages that I opened the page and am trying to operate from that so as to avoid the drama of social networking.

5000 friend limit on my Facebook Acount
1000 pending friend request limit on my account

In all honesty I would love for facebook to up the limit especially since we have so much control over our personal sites and not much control over the fan sites, but in any case I have opened the page, named PROSHKA and hope facebook figures out their limit issues sooner rather than later because lets face it people, the world of social networking is where its’ at and especially for those of us in the public eye.

Another thing that facebook is doing is opening Community Pages (without the permission of people and/or businesses) —> I know this because I was messaged by someone who tried to freind request (annoyed with me as usual) and they said that they instead became my fan. Now I automatically assumed they became a fan of PROSHKA, but when i took a look at their page (which is open to the public) I saw that this person LIKED –> ANGELA GEGG. Now I know I have never created an Angela Gegg Fan Page so was like WTF, I automatically thought someone was impersonating me and went to the page, but turns out it was a Community Page, stating —> FACEBOOK STATES ON THIS PAGE: Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for Angela Gegg, sign up and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for your help. You can also get us started by suggesting the Official Facebook Page.

After investigating the matter and reporting the page I found out that it is a facebook page and that I would have no control over this page, which is really something I am not fond of .

QUESTION: Can I edit the content on a Community Page?

ANSWER: No. When available, we update the information and profile picture based on the article for that topic in Wikipedia. At this time, there is no way for people who choose to connect with a Community Page to add their own pictures or edit the information.

So this is my Facebook Drama, my Facebook Dilemma and my Facebook Rant for the day!


Fresh Crab from the Caribbean Sea!

I know, I know, your mouth is WATERING... I bet it is, if you like seafood, then I'm sure it is. One of the benefits of living in the Caribbean is that I get all the fresh stone and king crab claws i can get. Yummieee! The fishermen come in off the boats with fresh crab, fish, lobster, squid and numerous other types of delicious seafood, but as you can see the Crab is my utmost favorite. I boil the water, adding a little salt, put the claws in to boil for 15 minuted them strain the water and put them on ice water so as to avoid the crab meat from sticking. After this I head to the seawall with my crab hammer, a bottle of wine and indulge myself in fresh crab along with garlic butter sauce. Welcome to my world!


With Love from Amsterdam....
Amsterdam was absolutely UN-REAL, jajaj - everything is legal.. the first restaurant i hit up for some wine, i was also handed a weed menu... I was like WORD?!? Everyone was all happy and laughing and in the best of spirits and the scent of herb was everywhere, i was seriously in another world, lol.. Even the newspaper (which i so cornily brought home as a souvenir to show everyone) advertises types of seeds, a cannabis museum, cannabis tours, magic mushroom shops, pipes and the list goes on!! Holland is most def a very very different place - and it was clean, no litter anywhere! Happy Happy Hollanders... Thanks Amsterdam for the LOVE!! haha

The Pope in Rome - Benedict XVI

That's me
with the Pope,
at St Peters Basilica
in Rome,
Feb 2010.
What an
amazing experience it was,
will post a video soon!

5 Ways to Spot a Player

Spotting a player isn't always an easy task, especially while you're under their spell. The easiest way is to break down their behaviors in five important aspects of starting a new relationship: the first meeting, early communication, getting to know them, dating style, and finally their approach to making time for the relationship.

What is a true player? These are the people who exhibit at least three out of the five of following signs. Even one of these signs should be a warning flag, but you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt, until further indicators point you towards the door. Ultimately, a player is using these tactics to avoid what they want least ... a stable relationship.

The First Meeting
Too Confident- A player has gotten where they are from being good at what they do. This alone drives an incredible amount of confidence in their approach. Women love confident men, and male players take advantage of this to its fullest. While some people are just naturally more confident, remember, one of the signs of interest in a potential partner, is excitement and nervousness. This includes mirroring, which is an unconscious act at mimicking the other person to appear approachable and on their same level. The player does not want to be on your level, they want to be in control. They will get right up close and personal. They are very calculated, smooth, direct, and will rarely make a nervous mistake.

Early Communication
Probing- When an individual is truly interested in getting to know someone, they will ask genuine questions about them. The player, on the other hand, engages on what is more like probing. They may appear to be trying to get to know the person, but they are really only trying to gain pertinent information as to what the person is looking for in a mate. The idea is to bypass all the time it would normally take that person to decide if they really were interested in pursuing a relationship (weighing both their good and bad sides), so they can jump to the top of the list. These questions will be masked in the form of what they like in a partner, what they did not like about their last relationship, what kind of clothes they prefer on a man/woman, etc.

Getting to Know Them
Mystery Men- A little mystery is good, but too much should be a wake-up call. We shouldn't share everything with a potential mate, but if you don't known anything substantive about them, chances are they're hiding something. Examples include never being invited to their home/apartment, rarely being seen in public (especially during the day), checking their phone often (which is obviously set on 'quiet' mode), taking private phone calls, and having a slew of what they call "stalkers," who won't leave them alone. These are all signs that they may be living a second life (cheating, affair, etc.) apart from your budding romance.

Dating Style
Hot & Cold- The hot-and-cold dating style starts off wonderfully. The person is always up for going out, they can't wait to see you, and they are often nauseatingly romantic early in the game ("I can't believe how wonderful you are," "I think I love you," "You're my soulmate"). But once you give them the sign that they are starting to win you over, they disappear for a few days/weeks without much contact. The whole idea is to keep you there with as little effort as possible. They have a lot of people they're stringing along, so they have to conserve energy. Players love the chase, but get bored of the conquered. They are all talk and no action ("we should do this," "I want to take you here"), but they never follow through.

Making Time
Flighty- The player is hard to hold to any plans. They may say they prefer to be spontaneous -- in reality, they are always weighing their best options before they commit. They may have meetings come up, relatives die, an important work function overseas, or some other emergency that will take them away for several days or weeks at a time. During these times, they will have limited contact, such as a minimal phone signal, odd working hours, only access to e-mail, etc. While emergencies can and do come up, players use these exclusively to concentrate on new relationships, while storing their ones away for a rainy day.