Sex Sells, but Smoking Marijuana Kills ur Brain Cells


I think I need to stop
Think about those things
Those things
that make my heart swing
Swing swing swing
from the tree tops
Those times it makes
my heart stop
Hardle ever do I see,
I feel, lust,
thrust, love
And all those other things.
Its all I need, no speed,
no need For coffee
Just SEX
because SEX SELLS
and Smoking marijuana
kills ur brain cells
My heart goes flip flop..
new poetry from Proshka the artist..
All images, photos and video by ME
OH and by the way, Im smoking a CIGAR... zoom in babies ;-)

Scientists have discovered more than 1,000 species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region

BANGKOK (AFP) – Scientists have discovered more than 1,000 species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region in the past decade, including a spider as big as a dinner plate, the World Wildlife Fund said Monday.

A rat thought to have become extinct 11 million years ago and a cyanide-laced, shocking pink millipede were among creatures found in what the group called a "biological treasure trove".

The species were all found in the rainforests and wetlands along the Mekong River, which flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.

"It doesn't get any better than this," Stuart Chapman, director of WWF's Greater Mekong Programme, was quoted as saying in a statement by the group.

"We thought discoveries of this scale were confined to the history books."

The WWF report, "First Contact in the Greater Mekong", said that "between 1997 and 2007, at least 1,068 have been officially described by science as being newly discovered species."

These included the world's largest huntsman spider, with a leg span of 30 centimetres (11.8 inches), and the "startlingly" coloured "dragon millipede", which produces the deadly compound cyanide.

Not all species were found hiding in remote jungles -- the Laotian rock rat, which the study said was thought to be extinct about 11 million years ago, was first encountered by scientists in a local food market in 2005, it said.

One species of pitviper was first noted by scientists after it was found in the rafters of a restaurant at the headquarters of Thailand's Khao Yai national park in 2001.

"This region is like what I read about as a child in the stories of Charles Darwin," said Dr Thomas Ziegler, curator at the Cologne Zoo, who was involved in the research.

"It is a great feeling being in an unexplored area and to document its biodiversity for the first time both enigmatic and beautiful," he said.

The new species highlighted in the report include 519 plants, 279 fish, 88 frogs, 88 spiders, 46 lizards, 22 snakes, 15 mammals, four birds, four turtles, two salamanders and a toad -- an average of two previously undiscovered species a week for the past 10 years.

The report warned, however, that many of the species could be at risk from development, and called for a cross-border agreement between the countries in the Greater Mekong area to protect it.


Little Fluffy Clouds ~ Photography


The Mexican wines industry has centuries of roots, when the Spanish conquered our land and brought their vines to the new world, but when the high quality of the wines produced in this far lands reached the ears of the King in Spain, fearing a competition from the colonies in America, the King decreed a prohibition to harvest grapes and produce wine, except for those wineries that were producing wines for the Church. This prohibition went on until México became independent from Spain in 1810.
The development of the industry was interrupted by laws, revolutions and crisis that delayed it for many many years. Now we are on the road again, still a long long road to learn ahead, but we are doing it pretty well.

Where can we position the wine industry in México? Really hard to tell, because there are many factors involved: private inversion, quality, accessibility, sustainability, diversity, high taxes, small productions and permits and a tremendous price competition compared to the wines of foreign countries.

It is a fact that there is a demand of a more interested and exigent consumer, but also a fast growing crowd of new consumers in México; young people without prejudgments and a palate that is not used or biased to a certain type of wine.

All this gives the Oenologists a freedom that has enriched the wine offer in México.
México does not have a “signature” vine like Australia and their Shiraz, Argentina and their Malbec, Chile and it´s Carmenere or South Africa and its´Pinotage.
México has more than one outstanding grape and not one, but many micro-climates and soils.

Diverse wines, diverse styles; just as the diversity of wineries and the interpretation of their oenologists. Each with it´s own philosophy, it´s own project, it´s own formula, it´s very particular understanding of the terroir, the vine, their dreams and themselves.
Each one driving it´s own oenologic project depending on the understanding of their client, or their own passion and personality.

Good valleys, good soils, weather diversity, a growing demand and a complete freedom of expression. This is the still fragile but fast growing wine industry in México!

The wineries in México can be divided it in 4 categories:

The Big classic Wineries
A group of big traditional wineries with a very classic philosophy, keeping the prototype of European viticulture of classic European vines and classic European process in caves full of French Barrels.
They have all ranges of wines: basic, medium, premium and super-premium.
To name some of them: Santo Tomás, Monte Xanic, Casa Madero, LA Cetto, Domecq and Freixenet de México.

The incubators
Wineries started by Chemists and Enologists coming from big wineries, using their experience and will to start new projects. Their philosophy is to make good wines in small ammounts and support the dreams of many people that want to produce wines.
We can name some of them like “Sinergi” from José Luis Durand, “La Escuelita” from Hugo D´Acosta or “Cavas Valmar” from Fernando Martain.

The Boutique Wineries
This wineries have their our vineyard and the viticulture is completelly manual, the wine is made and aged in the same winery to control the quality. They have the newest technology, an in house lab, their own resources and very high international standards. They usually have 2 or more labels and they intend to have continuity.
In Ensenada we have more than 25 boutique wineries.

The Artisan Wineries
Many new projects are being born and contrary to the boutique ones, their process does not have strict quality controls and they may not have a continuity project, they are “home made” wines.
Some will become boutique wineries in the future, some are made only for personal joy and some will go as fast as they started.

What i can say… to look at the Mexican wine industry amazes me, understanding what passion can do, how far we can go in the future, how much we learned so far and how much we still have to learn. Marvelous dont you think? Salud….y Viva México!!

Parts of this message are from: “Guia de Viñedos de México” “Where is the Mexican Wine” by Sandra Fernández Gaytan.

TEK IT OR LEAVE IT - Channel 5 Belize!

Want to win big money?
How about $5,000.00 cash?
Then weve got the game for you.
Tek it or Leave it!

Channel 5s new game show, hosted by Angela Gegg, will offer you the chance to win up to $5,000.00 in cash every Wednesday night!

Contestants on Tek It or Leave It will pick a mystery amount at the beginning of the game and then decide whether to take a cash buyout offered by the banker or continue playing in hopes of winning $5,000.00 in cash! Contestants, 18 years or older, will be selected from the live audience.

So, be part of our audience every Wednesday night @ 8:30pm, starting November 26th and you can be one of our contestants to could walk away with $5,000.00 cash!

Tickets to Tek It or Leave It recording sessions are available at Channel 5 for $5.00.

For more information on Tek It or Leave It give Channel 5 a call at 227-3146 or visit our website at

Tek It or Leave It, the game show where you can win up to $5,000.00 weekly!

Tek it or Leave it - Channel 5

YUP - it's broken!!!

More on my TOE SAGA!!!

ok kids, it's official, my toe IS BROKEN, DAMN!!
In all of a near 29 years I have never ever broken anything... But you guys know me, A to the G is a trooper, out strutting my stuff in heels, what's a broken toe right.. LOL - I even tried posing like a lil ballerina on my broken toe, haha. I was a bit off balance but regardless, there is it!

By the looks of this toe the next morning, maybe posing like a ballerina wasn't such a smart thing after all - YIKES - HOW UGLY... And it huuuuuurts :-(
I know I'm such a big baby, but wait, it's off I go again, treadding around on my toe all day today, but at least I was smart enough to wear flats....

Nothing can stop me, it's off I go and now time to soak myself and my lil broken toe in a nice lovely bubble bath and apply a bit more Voltaren Emulgel (pain meds) and I'll be good to go again.... Muahhh. Loves Ya. And you know I will be updating you on my toe saga.... Love to you all...


Buck toe befor i go, what a travesty indeed. I as supposed to be packing for Madrid, but instead im blogging about the fact that i broke my toe this morning. I leave in exactly 5 hours and 45 minutes and I am no where ready and these beautiful boots below me are what were supposed to be on my feet.. BUT, look below!

Yup, that's my hideous toe, broken on the upper part and THROBBING, the pain of such a little thing is excruciating, u cant even imagine... But it always seems like it's those little things that get ya. How the hell is my fat ugly swolen foot going to fit into my beautiful petite boots???

So tell me, am i to wear slippers, open toed shoes, at the hustle and bustle of the airports, risking some idiot to step on my poor toe and only make matters worse.... Oh why am I blogging, I should be packing.. Viva Madrid...

This is the last photo for you all to see of my mangled feet.... MUST PACK, and almost out of coffee, i stay awake as a creature of the night because i have a 12 hr flight - Ahhhhhhh
Love you all and goodnight.

What a travesty

Belize's New Game Show "Tek It or Leave It' and clips from "Duets"

Ok guys as some of you may already know, I signed on with Channel 5 as the new host of Belize's first game show called "Tek It or Leave It".

If you were at Duets this past Tuesday at the Bliss you would have seen me doing the promo for the new show amongst the audience. As Duets is coming to an end a new season of television begins.....

"Think that your Tuesday nights will be dull and boring now that your favorite TV show, Duets, is over?!? Well think again because boy do we have a brand new TV Show for you! "Tek It or Leave It", Every Tuesday night ONLY on Channel 5..

"Tek It or Leave It" is based on a show called "Deal or No Deal" which airs on NBC... I will be hosting the show, we will have a banker (who you will actually hear speaking to me, unlike the actual Deal or No Deal) and we will be having only one model on stage. Also, anyone that attends the show which will be held at the Bliss Every tuesday Night will have a chance of being a contestant. We are calling ticket numbers from the audience, which will be great for everyone attending... Because anyone in the audience can be called on stage!

The promos for the show will start running through the finale of Duets airing on Channel 5 this coming Tuesday, Oct 14th, 2008...


Also when the show is airing, if you do not live in Belize and do have the internet, you will be able to watch it streaming live from the Channel 5 Website, so i'll have to update this blog when the time comes...

***When I was filming the promo with Channel 5, I stayed to watch the Duets and took a few clips with my personal camera.... and I posted my favorite performance which was done by Joseph & Delanni, Joseph iuncluded dancers from The New Generation Dance Group, which he actually founded...
if you ask me, they killed it - here is a peep from my youtube video showcasing the new show and the clip from the Joseph, Delanni & the New Generation Dancers this past Tuesday!!
Check it out ~ Loves Ya ~ Proshka ~ Angela Gegg

Paint It Black

My brain,
It just cant stop
I feel deranged,
Like i'm loosing my mind
I stop - To drop
This line - This time
As the verse for PAINT IT BLACK
Is on constant rewind
And stuck in my mind
The Stones are stuck in my head today..
Im feeling blurred
Like I need a new muse
Is just what I am today
To create this day
Is all I desire to do
My studio is gone
My eyes are red
My soul is dead..
Feel like switching back
To those little ones
From help me helm me little ones
Help me to that light
Iridescent of a whit bright,
By leaps and bounds so fast
Lead me through this path
Help me to another creation
beautius and lacking segregation,
from my lethargic self away
lead me toward the unknown today
Help me Help me little Ones
And lead me toward heaven today.

No the revolution is NOT OVER
its NOT dead,
its all just stuck in my head

Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite

Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite

A new remote sensing technology has peeled away layers of mud and rock near Peru's Cahuachi desert to reveal an ancient adobe pyramid, Italian researchers announced on Friday at a satellite imagery conference in Rome.

Nicola Masini and Rosa Lasaponara of Italy's National Research Council (CNR) discovered the pyramid by analyzing images from the satellite Quickbird, which they used to penetrate the Peruvian soil.

The researchers investigated a test area along the river Nazca. Covered by plants and grass, it was about a mile away from Cahuachi's archaeological site, which contains the remains of what is believed to be the world's biggest mud city.

Via Quickbird, Masini and colleagues collected hi-resolution infrared and multispectral images. After the researchers optimized the images with special algorithms, the result was a detailed visualization of a pyramid extending over a 9,000-square-mile area.

American Elections & the celetrity World

celebrities and the American Election...
I was flipping through the television last night - from the E! Network to MTV and I noticed that both programs were talking about the elections. The E! network had on a show called Chelsea Handler which features a woman named Chelsea Handler, notorious for bashing other celebrities, in the episode, she was wearing an OBAMA 08 T Shirt, clearly promoting Obama. And on MTV, during an episode of Making the Band 4, Puff Daddy started bashing McCain and started on the promo for Obama as well. As i sat there flipping back btw channels I started to wonder why celebrities are so involved in the hype of elections. I wondered, do they get paid for the promotion, just the way they get paid to promote a product?? It seems that mainstream entertainment television has turned into a big political hoopla... I watch entertainment TV to get away from the mundane and hectic reality that is life, if I wanted to get into politics, i would watch cnn or fox.


How shocked am I to have gotten a text this morning at 7am, telling me that one of my employees had been stabbed SIX times and was in emergency surgery, I was downright dumbfounded! What most of my readers do not know is that aside from being an author/artist, i run a full service restaurant and bar, called The Smoky Mermaid in Belize. My position is Executive Director so I deal with a lot at work, and especially staffing, I have about 24 to 36 employees at a time, depending on the season, slow verses high.

This morning i was told that one of my female employees, a hostess, was on her way home and was bombarded by another woman who stabber her SIX times. I can not imagine how or why someone would jeopardize their future this way. Especially since this was no random stabbing, it was over a man, A MAN, get real ladies, because NO MAN is worth your sitting in jail for an attempted murder charge.

Thank God the young lady, thus far, has survived, but it is very clear that it was an attempt to murder her. The gist of it is that the young lady was sleeping with the other woman's boyfriend. both these women have small children and both these women work at reputable establishments, so why the hell risk EVERYTHING over a man????

Can someone please tell me??? because I sure is hell don't get it. You can not just go around stabbing people... Why?? the rage, the fury, the fire, and WHY target the other woman, is this not the man's fault as well??? What the hell is the world coming to???


The time just seems to be passing us by so fast - Every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year just seems to be going so fast!!! I can not believe that we are already nearing September, the Belize September Celebrations are literally right around the corner, and after that it will be October/November (which will fly right by) and then December, how is is possible that this whole entire year has just gone by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday we were in January - Damn, I'm bugging!!!!!


As an artist, I find it necessary to be inventive, self expressive, searching, daring, and even disturbing; and in doing so, I am hoping to enlighten others and open ways for a better understanding of my art.

I am fascinated by the variety, complexity, beauty, and seduction of abstract art and have always been intrigued by surrealism.

My work is based on abstract (not to be mistaken for non-objective art) and is a translation of a real life experience, a thought and/or a dream,
and is a complete exaggeration of my perception of reality. It can create a new feeling, vision, or experience that exists outside of the rules of realism.


Have you ever had writers block, painters block, any kind of block. Often time we artists go through that, a state of mind that is just a blur, blank, empty. And it almost always seems that Writers Block 'strikes' when we need our creativity the most. I feel as if I am about to explode with writers block. In four months my Art exhibit, IMPULSE, and the launching of my second book, ARTIST CONFESSIONS, is taking place and I feel as if I may not be ready for the event. It has been months since I've painted and there is no way I am going to launch a book less a show. I have been trying to get my Artist Mojo back but nothing seems to be working. At least i have the tube, at least there I can still use my creativity! The video that I have posted on Writers Block is supposed to show my present state of mind, I hope you all enjoy. Bless.. Proshka


The first Installment of The Penis Chronicles
Written By Proshka

The second Installment of The Penis Chronicles
A Rebuttal by Proshka

The Third Installment of The Penis Chronicles...
written by Proshka And performed in collaboration
with M.E. (Maria & Erika)


Men think with their Dicks!!!
Okie dokie kids, this was the Poem that started it all... This is where THE PENIS CHRONICLES BEGIN... A while back i posted a video of my Spoken Word Poetry, just as I always do, on the tube... But this one seemed to have got a few, shall I call them, LOSERS, quite riled up!! They took the embedding link and posted my video on an anti-feminism website, and on top of that they started this thread bashing my Poem and calling me a feminist, which i must say was quite a shocker! Anyway, what's a girl to do, but to rebuttal and start a trendy lil play list, right (wink wink, nod nod). Blessings to you all, and enjoy the poem below... Proshka



This is a series in which I utilize my digital photography and manipulate the images. I use different programs, spending hours at a time testing/teasing/taunting the images so as to distort/enhance/manipulate them. I often change the colors of the original image completely, by adding bright hues into the images, and at often times changing the entire image from its original form…


Abstract Linear Layering, is a collection of paintings, composed and created by applying layer upon layer upon layer upon layer and, yes, even more layers of paint. This is a very time consuming process as drying time is involved. Each layer must be done separately, and must be completely dry before I can add another layer. The linear movements in and on the paintings are precise, sharp, and clear, it is a very organized process.


This is a collection of paintings based entirely on my perception of the human form and in retrospect, myself. It is my twisted and ‘dismorphic’ view of what human bodies look like – many times with enormous legs/ stomachs/breasts/hair and in most cases, with ribs protruding out of their form. Human ribs are quite a common thing In my works/these pieces/this art Of mine! I have several variations and most often utilize the female form to create my so called artistic masterpieces.


Tears is a collection of paintings that portrays true life tears, whether they are tears of joy/love/laughter/sorrow/hate/sadness - a death, a loss, a birth, a gain: it all depends on what your tears represent! The works all follow a very symmetrical base, If you look into the piece, You will see it/that/the symmetry – that is – along with the tears that accompany it/the artwork/the piece.


In this collection I utilize two main colors, an obvious red and black. Red is the color of fire & blood; it symbolizes passion, power, and protection. Black is the color which has the least harmony of all colors. I combine the two to create my own balance on canvas. Most often times, I draw/paint/design a black female nude, (her shape/form/image)onto and into the red background. This collection is vigorous, forceful and dynamic, It represents strength and energy.


In the Collection, “Art on Art”, I take and utilize (my) digitally enhanced and manipulated photographs and/or/and along with - graffiti tag ink drawings, pen and ink drawings, pencil and/or pastel drawings - and incorporate them into larger scale paintings. In this collection I utilize brush, palette and other artistic utensils to create artistic masterpieces.


I have always been an avid believer in evolution, various parts of evolution that is. In this collection I manipulate images of both botany and human anatomy and physiology, I relate images of each as to how they fit into everyday life. The similarities of the two are dauntingly impressive and I therefore utilize them accordingly. More often seeming surreal, these artistic works take time and detail, here I use the smallest of brushes and work with acrylics alone.