R.I.P. Baby Gegg - the Cancer has taken her life!

These pics were taken about an hour before my Baby went off to doggie heaven. My mother took pics of us, I'm so grateful for this. If you have been following my blog you might know that Baby has been suffering with mast cell tumors, which were malignant and at stage 3 of 4. After two operations and removing the tumors they only seemed to become more aggressive and spread. I had looked into an alternative medicine which some say cures cancer in Humans, a product called Xango, a juice made from the mangostein fruit, but maybe it doesn't really work or maybe it was just too late.Baby had stopped eating entirely and was basically living on the Xango which i was feeding her with a syringe orally. She refused to even have that as of Tuesday night, May 5th. Ironically because of her condition, she couldn't walk, eat or use the rest-room, my family suggested that I put her out of her misery and the vets came over that same day. I was far too emotional to make that decision and could not go through with it. They told me that i needed to take her into consideration because the quality of her life had completely diminished, they said they thought I was keeping her with me because it hurt too much to let her go. The vets told me that she would probably let me know what she wanted to do, that same evening she refused the xango, to my distress. On Wed morning she started vomiting her insides, masses of yellow bile and black bloody looking chunks, my poor little girl just faded away in front of my eyes.

I find that many people don't understand my torture of the situation and love for animals. Baby Gegg was my oldest and lived a beautiful decade of doggie years. Nine years ago I adopted her from the ASPCA in Houston, Texas, where she lived with me and me alone. Baby was my only companion for years and I spent every second with her, walking, driving around, training. She became very human like to me and was the funniest lil girl ever. My memories of her are simply beautiful. When ever I was sad she knew and made it better. She always related to my feeling and always knew just what to do to make mommy feel better. She was also a very obedient and good girl, she never used the bathroom in the house, when she wanted to go out she used to do the cutest little growl and dance. It was the cutest thing ever. She also never needed a leash and was the smartest little girl. I was very blessed to have had her in my life. The sadness has been overwhelming but i know I need to pull myself back together for the sake of my 6 other beautiful dogs. I feel that when Baby was ill I neglected the rest of the pack and know that I need to just let her go and hold on to my precious memories. God bless you my Baby Girl. R.I.P.