My dog has Cancer :(

It has been 3 months since Baby Gegg's second surgery, the pics in the below cut is now almost completely healed, after three months of nursing her and packing the cut opening with sulpher so as to dry it out. But sad to say that the tumors have come back in full force and are now popping out all over her body. I has sent the tumor abroad for testing and the results came back with full blown cancer and they say her life expectancy is not high. I just came in from being with her, rubbing her tummy and playing with her, she is such a happy girl. It's hard to imaging that my ten year old baby girl who still seem so full of life has cancer and tumors that are covering her body. I don't know what to do, what to give her, how to cure her. The vet says there is nothing more i can do bc she can not go under again bc of her age, so i wont be able to remove the new tumors, and they also say that the tumors will continue to grow and come back. I'm devastated :(

My baby girl, my oldest doggie, Baby gegg, was diagnosed with cancer this January, they found a tumor in her and had to go in to operate. The first operation was back in October, 2008 it went well, they sliced open her leg and cut the tumor out, when they restitched they put those disposable inside stitches as well gave her a very clean sew up on the outside of the cut. The second surgery was in January of this year.
A few months ago we noticed that the lump grew right back and the vet suggested we get her in for surgery immediately, which we did. Here is what the new, bigger cut looked like. They sliced my poor baby girl open again, this time making a HUGE incision, where they removed a very large amount of her insides and sewed her back together. When i went to see her at the vet I started balling my eyes out as she was shaking and her tongue was sticking wayyyy out, it was horrific. I also noticed that the cut was no where neat as the first time. I took a few pics of this terrible cut, and hoped that it would have a successful heal, taking all the necessary precautions and healing procedures. My poor baby even had to wear that martini looking thing around her head so that she wouldn't lick it.
After a while the cut looked like this, really disgusting I know. To me this thing looks disgusting and not right. It looks horrific, doesn't it??? And it only keeps getting worse. I called my vet freaking out (because we all know i can be a bit dramatic at times, especially when it comes ot my kids) and she assured me that this shit is normal... NORMAL?!?!
DOES THIS LOOK NORMAL??????????????????????? I certainly do not think that this is a normal curing process, is this really ok for a cut to heal like this. I put my hand an inch over the would and can feel the heat coming out of it, I think it is infected and am very worried because my Baby Gegg (the dogs name) is already 10 years old, and this is her second surgery in 6 months...