Fresh Crab from the Caribbean Sea!

I know, I know, your mouth is WATERING... I bet it is, if you like seafood, then I'm sure it is. One of the benefits of living in the Caribbean is that I get all the fresh stone and king crab claws i can get. Yummieee! The fishermen come in off the boats with fresh crab, fish, lobster, squid and numerous other types of delicious seafood, but as you can see the Crab is my utmost favorite. I boil the water, adding a little salt, put the claws in to boil for 15 minuted them strain the water and put them on ice water so as to avoid the crab meat from sticking. After this I head to the seawall with my crab hammer, a bottle of wine and indulge myself in fresh crab along with garlic butter sauce. Welcome to my world!