American Elections & the celetrity World

celebrities and the American Election...
I was flipping through the television last night - from the E! Network to MTV and I noticed that both programs were talking about the elections. The E! network had on a show called Chelsea Handler which features a woman named Chelsea Handler, notorious for bashing other celebrities, in the episode, she was wearing an OBAMA 08 T Shirt, clearly promoting Obama. And on MTV, during an episode of Making the Band 4, Puff Daddy started bashing McCain and started on the promo for Obama as well. As i sat there flipping back btw channels I started to wonder why celebrities are so involved in the hype of elections. I wondered, do they get paid for the promotion, just the way they get paid to promote a product?? It seems that mainstream entertainment television has turned into a big political hoopla... I watch entertainment TV to get away from the mundane and hectic reality that is life, if I wanted to get into politics, i would watch cnn or fox.

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