I NEED to finish this painting!!!

Something that of late I have not been able to do, circumstance out of my control caused me to leave my studio - hence why I have not been able to freely paint as I used to. Painting is much like therapy, for someone with my levels of anxiety and creative mind, when the desire to paint comes up its a thirst that must be quenched, otherwise it might drive my artist mind to the brink of insanity.

For now I will gather my paints and brushes and set up a "in the mean-time" studio space that I will clear away at the end of my session and TRY to finish this one that i have been working on. She (the painting that is) is untitled to date, but if you are a follower of my work and collections, she is clearly from my BODY DISMORPHIC collection. So for now, I paint.

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