Another Earthquake!

Ok guys so I know I'm not crazy. Last night (technically early this morning) at minutes to 1am, i woke up to a slight rocking of my bed. I am a very very light sleeper and woke up thinking "shit, another earthquake". It was very minimal and then I went back to bed. When i woke up today I had a meeting with my sister and mom and mentioned to them both that we had another earthquake and they both told me that we did not, that I must have been dreaming.

Anyway, I decided to check the USGS Earthquake Website, which record every earthquake, and it turns out I was right.
This one was only a 5.0 and was not as close as the 7.1 which struck last week.

Below is the Prelimenary Earthquake Report

Preliminary Earthquake Report

Magnitude 5.0
  • Tuesday, June 02, 2009 at 12:43:42 AM local time at epicenter

  • Location 15.51N 86.41W
    Depth 10.0 kilometers
    Region HONDURAS
    Distances 45 km (30 miles) SE of La Ceiba, Honduras
    85 km (55 miles) NNW of Juticalpa, Honduras
    180 km (110 miles) NNE of TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras
    1305 km (810 miles) SSW of Miami, Florida
    Location Uncertainty Error estimate: horizontal +/- 6.3 km; depth fixed by location program
    Parameters Nst=123, Nph=123, Dmin=184.5 km, Rmss=1.25 sec, Erho=6.3 km, Erzz=0 km, Gp=101.2 degrees
    Source USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)

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    PoetGuy said...

    Quakes rocking our country then, though I was fast asleep didn't feel that one, the big one yea :)