With Love from Amsterdam....
Amsterdam was absolutely UN-REAL, jajaj - everything is legal.. the first restaurant i hit up for some wine, i was also handed a weed menu... I was like WORD?!? Everyone was all happy and laughing and in the best of spirits and the scent of herb was everywhere, i was seriously in another world, lol.. Even the newspaper (which i so cornily brought home as a souvenir to show everyone) advertises types of seeds, a cannabis museum, cannabis tours, magic mushroom shops, pipes and the list goes on!! Holland is most def a very very different place - and it was clean, no litter anywhere! Happy Happy Hollanders... Thanks Amsterdam for the LOVE!! haha


Billy said...

Glad You are having a good time Gorgeous. Do be safe traveling my Dear.

An Admirer;
Billy in TX

BlogGirl said...

Thanks Billy!!!